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May joys: a month to be lived with DM Ties


May Joys, is the name we gave to the new promo, now online at

The name already evokes our intentions, to delight customers (especially Members) with a truly convenient offering.



on the total by purchasing at least 3 products, plus, only to DM Ties Club Members,


one among these 3 of our precious Bracelets

the 3 dm ties stone bracelets offered free to DM Ties Club members by purchasing at least 3 products

Check out the May Joys promo

May Joys is a really convenient opportunity to stock up on those accessories you need to complete your outfits, especially during this time of ceremonies, or to renew your wardrobe.

dm ties neckties

Save as much as 30% off the total with at least 3 products from any category: Ties, Bespoke Ties, Ascots, Pocket Squares, Scarves and Foulards, Cummerbounds, Braces, Button Lapels Flowers, and if you want to save even more, you can choose your 3 products from the Outlet as well.

The important thing is to have 3 products in your cart!

The complimentary stone bracelets

A lithoid bracelet, chosen at our discretion from those seen in the photo above, goes free to anyone who purchases at least 3 products and is also enrolled, or is enrolled now, in the DM Ties Club.

You can find these bracelets on sale in our catalog for 45€.

They are completely handmade using only natural stones and silver inserts in antique/tribal tones. They can be put on and taken off the wrist in an instant, thanks to a comfortable elastic band.


They give a feeling of freedom and, at the beach…they are beautiful, they will enhance your tan and your character.

For those who are also into crystal therapy, they will find the right energy field in the different minerals of which these real jewels are composed.

Take advantage of the May Joys DM Ties

Now run to our online store and put at least 3 products in your cart to receive -30% off the total and, if you are a member of the DM Ties Club, you will also receive the enchanting mineral bracelet for free.

The bracelets are limited edition. Don’t waste your time! 😛

Finally, I remind you that on shipping to Italy is always free, with no minimum spending threshold and then that you can also buy in 3 convenient interest-free installments, using Klarna as your payment method.

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6 clothing accessories perfect for a fashionable spring/summer


In spring or summer, dressing up becomes a pleasure: it is an opportunity to unleash our whimsy, our more natural side.

And clothing accessories become tools to enhance and enhance our desire for freedom.

There are some that, carefully chosen, accompany this desire, giving an original look and character.

In this post I tell you about 6 clothing accessories to consider for your summer look, extracted (alive!) from the fervid online catalog of sartorial items made in our DM Ties workshop in Pontecagnano.

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