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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

In spring or summer, dressing up becomes a pleasure: it is an opportunity to unleash our whimsy, our more natural side.

And clothing accessories become tools to enhance and enhance our desire for freedom.

There are some that, carefully chosen, accompany this desire, giving an original look and character.

In this post I tell you about 6 clothing accessories to consider for your summer look, extracted (alive!) from the fervid online catalog of sartorial items made in our DM Ties workshop in Pontecagnano.

DM Ties…and its brands Zazà and Don Mimì: brief review

I have told you a thousand times: do not be fooled by the Anglo-Saxon name DM Ties: here, of English, there is only that. A name, so intended, now almost 30 years ago…and origins we don’t like to change!

Ours is a 30-year tailoring business, and for now more than 5 years we have launched the brands Zazà and Don Mimì, with definitely more Neapolitan tones, with which we brand our garments. The first, Zazà, more dandy and youthful. Don Mimì, on the other hand, more demanding and elegant.

But let’s see what to wear to go out this spring/summer

The summer season, you know, is characterized by more casual and informal looks.

Here are 6 must-have accessories I suggest to enrich your summer outfits.

  1. Untipped neckties
  2. Woven belts
  3. “Crochet” pocket handkerchiefs
  4. Linen/cotton scarves-foulards
  5. Knitted neckties
  6. Natural stone bracelets


I have already told you about them here. And these are just a few of those now posted online, just finished sewing…and you can’t miss them!

new untipped neckties DM Ties

The lightness and texture of the fabrics of the new unlined DM Ties lend a casual, unrestrained air to the wearer. Stitching and hemming, strictly by hand, lend naturalness and authenticity.

The tie becomes, thus, an experience of freedom.


Is there such a thing as a summer belt? Yes.

summer belts dm ties

A belt can be said to be summer at the moment when it is ideal to match with shorts, Bermuda shorts and summer pants in general.

DM Ties fabric belts are the best choice: offered in a wide range of colors, they look great with summer pants.

A way to stand out from the classics, giving your look a fresh twist.

These belts go perfectly with jeans or even white or earth-toned Bermuda shorts. Also, those in the more muted hues look great with dark pants.


I have already told you about it here. Pocket handkerchiefs made of pure Italian linen batiste, handcrafted and embellished with “crochet” embroidery.

crochet pocket handkerchiefs

Expression of uncompromising italian handmade. These distinctive pure linen pocket handkerchiefs set an aristocratic, free-spirited tone on shorelines around the world!

A treat for the few. Be among them! 😉


Perfect for completing your sophisticated summer looks.

summer scarves and foulards dm ties

Besides protecting you from the wind when you’re in your convertible, it also shields you from the excessive coolness of air conditioning in frequent shopping malls, or on those sometimes particularly cool spring evenings. Scarves in DM Ties summer fabrics offer original style, that cool, casual touch you’ve been looking for.


Another fleet of ties perfect for summer are knitted ties.

Those who already use it never do without it, always preferring it in this original version.

knitted ties dm ties

Queste cravatte sono delle ammaliatrici, con la loro struttura avvolgente, adagiandosi sulle tue forme, come nessun’altra.

Ariose, grazie alla sua trama ampia. Perfette per le stagioni calde non disdegnando, in verità, anche i periodi autunnali/invernali.


Bracelets, especially when they are made of natural hard stone…what can I tell you! An ornament-symbol of the outdoors.

hard stone bracelets dm ties

They are preferred in spring/summer, solely because we have our arms exposed and therefore these jewelry are better exposed. But many people use them in the cold months as well.

Wearers pursue an ideal of peace and love toward themselves and the world, thanks in part to the crystallotherapeutic properties attributable to the minerals of which they are composed.

The time has come again to show them off on the wrist.

All right, I’m done with these first style suggestions for this spring/summer 2023, which is tantruming to arrive, I’m done.

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Bye 🙂


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