Keep Calm and Enjoy this Singles’Day

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

Like Black Friday, Singles’ Day is a November day when many products can be bought on the Internet at truly record-breaking prices.

DM Ties also for this 2023 joins the event dedicated to lonely hearts with a flash superpromo that lasts only 2 days, November 10 and 11.

Let’s find out about Singles’ Day DM Ties 2023. Then let’s stick to the Internet and not miss the chance to take home a sartorial accessory at a discounted price, handmade in this wonderful Made in Italy workshop, where everything is still sewn by hand, like it used to be.

Singles' Day 2022 ties and tailoring accessories DM Ties


There are two days that the company is dedicating to this Singles’ Day 2023: November 10 and 11. On 10/11 the promo is reserved for DM Ties Club Members, while on 11/11 it is for everyone!

But there are important differences between the two days. Let’s find out!

10/11: Singles’ Day dedicated to DM Ties Club Members

Coupon reserved -35% by purchasing at least 2 products!

To affiliates of the Campania tailor’s shop, the company, as it has always done, is once again offering a discount opportunity with an extra edge: as much as -35% off the total, on the purchase of AT LEAST 2 PRODUCTS, excluding those already discounted in the Outlet.

Let me remind you that we are talking about handmade products here, strictly Made in Italy.

Laura, DM Ties seamstress at work

Accessing this super-discount requires an exclusive coupon code to use at checkout, which members will receive confidentially on the email inbox they used to register for the Club.

How to become a member of the DM Ties Club and receive the -35% coupon?

Becoming a member is super easy!

On 10/11 you will receive by email the -35% coupon for this Singles’ Day 2023 DM Ties!

And, remember, the benefits of becoming a member don’t end with Singles’ Day: with your registration email, you’ll also receive a welcome coupon worth 15% off that you can spend, whenever you want, at

In addition, you will periodically receive unusual news and fun trivia about the world of ties, and, preview current activities and promos at DM Ties, always receiving reserved and special treatment.

11/11: Singles’ Day dedicated to everyone!

Get 30% off by putting at least 2 products in your cart!

This is the very convenient promo-flash designed at DM Ties, for everyone, this Singles’ Day 2023! Products already discounted in the Outlet are excluded from the promo.


Only two days, then, to save on the purchase of Pontecagnano’s handicrafts.

The company is keen to make it known, given the current times, that all periodic corporate discounts and promotions, as well as this Singles’ Day discount, are real discounts-no puns, omissions, or nasty tricks at checkout.


Domenico Malangone, Ceo & Co-Founder of the Campania-based tailoring company, talks about it.

Our ties, all our accessories, are hand-sewn in our small tailoring workshop in Pontecagnano, in the province of Salerno, surrounded by the scents of nature and the colors of the season. The value of handwork means that every detail here with us is taken care of down to the smallest detail. The fabrics used are only Italian: every year we go to Como, the silk capital of the world, “shopping” bringing home enchanting drapes that we transform into ties, ascots, pochettes, suspenders and in the many accessories you can find online on our ecommerce. Thanks to online sales then, without intermediaries, we are able to make our handmade products accessible to everyone. We are proud, my sister Veronica and I, to make our small contribution to perpetuating and nurturing a priceless, world-renowned heritage that we Italians, all of us, cherish and entrust: Made in Italy.


Single’s Day was born in the mid-1990s among students at Nanjing University (China) who chose the perfect date for lonely hearts: 11.11 (because of all the 1’s it consists of).

Soon the custom encroached far beyond the Wall, reaching Italy as well.

Insights, on Wikipedia!

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