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Kicking off the 2023 DM Ties summer sales!


The 2023 summer sales start these days, almost everywhere in Italy: turn on the fans!

We at DM Ties are adhering to the 2023 summer sale by setting up online, starting today, a very convenient solution at progressive discounts up to even 40%.

The promo is valid on the entire catalog and, in addition, for those who are subscribed or join the Club DM Ties now, a prestigious sartorial pocket square for free by purchasing at least 4 products.

Read on to discover the DM Ties sales of this Italian summer 2023.

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Tie repair? It can be done!

tie repair

Do you want to repair a worn, frayed or smelly tie? Do you want to remove the stains from a tie you cherish? Do you wish to renew and bring current a precious tie of yours that has gone out of fashion?

We at DM Ties do just that, with the Ospedale delle Cravatte (Tie Hospital): an exclusive service, unique in Italy, dedicated to the regeneration of precious patients! 🙂

A rare service to find around!

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