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Fashion’s place in the Metaverse


It still cannot be said that it has entered common usage to talk about Second Life.

Yet, the digital world to be inhabited, in which experiences and content can be created, is already a reality.

We are talking about Metaverse: a term coined by Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash (1992), a cyberpunk science fiction book, described as a kind of virtual reality shared via the Internet, where one is represented in three dimensions through one’s avatar.

The Fashion world, of course, has also lived in the Metaverse for a while, and brands that do not now commit to buying or renting a home here risk missing out on opportunities for strategy and business development in a rapidly evolving space.

Follow me, today I am talking about this.

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4 color combinations to run to the office always stylish, even in spring!


It often happens that, even in spring and summer, many men go to the office in dark suits: anthracite, brown, gray etc.

It happens, because the idea of masculine elegance is usually assigned, for convenience, to dark tones. And in the office you want to be flawless, you don’t feel like (and time) to have any doubts.

Below I offer 4 ideas of dress and accessory combinations in saturated, sunny, spring-appropriate hues that will brighten your look and look great in the office.

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Mother’s Day: have you already thought about the gift?


May 8th is Mother’s Day. This year give her a handmade accessory made in Italy that will excite her.

On you will find several gift ideas, perfect for mom. And, until May 8, Women’s Scarves, Foulards & Bandanas and Real Stone Braceletsall discounted -20%!


Let’s find out what you can find for this occasion on the online store of the tailor of Pontecagnano and don’t miss the 20% discount on Scarves, Foulards and bracelets.

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The best colors for those who have red hair


Red hair in a man is a really sexy feature…and it is a rarity: only about 0.5% of the world’s population in fact has this peculiarity. We’re talking, of course, about natural red hair…just like mom made it!

Redheads usually have a particular taste in clothing. Perhaps because they remind us of the gentlemen of yesteryear.

Red hair is a real highlight in a man’s look, although you need to be a little careful with the combinations.

Here are what colors to avoid and what colors to prefer. Also, a practical guide to buying the right tie and pocket square for different outfits.

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