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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

Hard to find a man who doesn’t have a blue suit in his closet. Thanks to its versatility it is easy you own more than one.

In terms of elegance, with such a garment a man makes sure success. Yes, because there is nothing that can compete with a blue dress.

Therefore it becomes essential being well educated on how creating fast and convincing outfits, when you go to work, to a ceremony or to an aperitif with friends.

A well-shaped white shirt on, under a blue suit, is without a doubt the first winning choice.

What about the tie?

How to match a tie with a blue suit? A brief focus on this topic

Being able to get the right combination of shirt, tie and shoes with a formal blue suit is a very important step, especially when it comes to perfectly matching everything and being impeccable.

So what tie to wear to complete your beautiful blue suit?

There are a couple of answers to this question.

The first is that you can practically wear any tie with a blue suit!

A blue suit, in fact, is one of the most versatile, most elegant and most neutral clothes in a man’s closet. So go for the good taste in choosing a tie.

Obviously being able to choose a tailored tie, the final result can only be excellent.

The second answer is almost as unsatisfactory as the first one: it depends!
Yes, because the tie you choose must match perfectly not only to the whole outfit, but also to the occasion of use.

Therefore the choice of colour, pattern and texture of the tie can make your outfit truly sensational … or disappear in anonymity.

So keep an eye out for advice.

At DM Ties there are people and tailors who will be able to advise you in choosing your tie, even made to measure.

Here are some useful inspirations to choose the tie that best suits your blue suit, with an eye also to the impression that you want to communicate about yourself.

Grey tie

abbinare cravatta ad abito blu
You will look conservative but with a touch of modernity

Blue polka dot tie

Your outfit will be fresh and youthful

Navy blue tie with small patterns

You will look elegant and modern

Brown striped tie

For a vintage flavor look

Gold tie

You will look transgressive and informal

Green patterned tie

You will be casual and informal

Red or orange tie

You will look powerful and confident

Burgundy tie

For a peaceful and reassuring look
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