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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

Do you want to repair a worn, frayed or smelly tie? Do you want to remove the stains from a tie you cherish? Do you wish to renew and bring current a precious tie of yours that has gone out of fashion?

We at DM Ties do just that, with the Ospedale delle Cravatte (Tie Hospital): an exclusive service, unique in Italy, dedicated to the regeneration of precious patients! 🙂

A rare service to find around!

DM Ties, as you may have guessed by now, despite its name, is a 100 percent Italian company: people and products that are more Italian than ever.

We are in the province of Salerno, in Pontecagnano, Italy.

What we do. Ties (and more)

Ties, bow ties, clutches and many other clothing accessories, including bespoke neckties, made with needle and thread, templates, chalks, scissors, staplers. Tailors specializing in handmade clothing accessories.

Real masterpieces, unique and unrepeatable, because they are handmade.

At DM Ties, ties are made…and fixed, too!

neckties regeneration

If you have ties in your closet that you cherish, but can no longer use because they are démodé, smelly, in need of repair, stain…

Entrust them to Veronica!

Veronica Malangone, CEO e co-founder DM Ties

Veronica Malangone, Production Manager & Co-founder of DM Ties is, together with her brother Domenico, the second generation of administrators of the tailor shop, founded in 1994.

Veronica, with her long and intensive experience in the industry, knows how to regenerate a necktie: a highly specialized service, proving that things are done exclusively by hand here.

The word…to her!

With the remanufacturing service, your tie is literally disassembled and put back together again, to make it look as viscous and bright as it once did.

Even desperate cases are tackled, but what is most frequently requested is to make the tie blade measurements current, perhaps a bit démodé.

Read what a tie shovel is, on: Anatomia della cravatta

Here is a video shot in the lab: a summary of the procedure for modernizing the size of a necktie blade and replacing its interior to give it new responsiveness and volume.

It concludes the work with a specific wash.

The remanufacturing of a necktie is, undeniably, for the benefit of environmental sustainability.

How to apply for Tie Regeneration service and how much it costs

Interventions are closely related to the case to be addressed. Therefore, the only solution is direct contact with the company through:

  • A phone call at +39089200136, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (in Italy)
  • WhatsApp


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