Kicking off the 2023 DM Ties summer sales!

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

The 2023 summer sales start these days, almost everywhere in Italy: turn on the fans!

We at DM Ties are adhering to the 2023 summer sale by setting up online, starting today, a very convenient solution at progressive discounts up to even 40%.

The promo is valid on the entire catalog and, in addition, for those who are subscribed or join the Club DM Ties now, a prestigious sartorial pocket square for free by purchasing at least 4 products.

Read on to discover the DM Ties sales of this Italian summer 2023.

The (hot) summer sales 2023 DM Ties: instructions

1 product: 10% off
2 products: 20% off
3 products: 30% off
from 4 products: 40% off

2023 summer sales handmade ties and accessories dm ties

Discounts are cart-based, so you don’t have to do anything to get them, and they apply to everything-you can put any product in the catalog, including Outlet and Bespoke Ties, into your shopping cart.

At DM Ties, not only ties, but many accessories that are the result of the passion and skill of the Malangone Family of Pontecagnano-Salerno, which has been in the business for almost 30 years: bow ties, pocket handkerchiefs, ascots, scarves, suspenders, cummerbunds, custom-made ties…and many other indispensable items for your outfits, to give free rein to your creativity, your character, your elegant self.

The giveaway of these 2023 summer sales: the pocket square

Complimentary pocket square to members who purchase at least 4 products

For those who have joined (or are joining now) the DM Ties Club, by purchasing at least 4 products, a free gift of one of our precious tailored pocket square.

The complimentary pocket handkerchief is chosen at the discretion of Customer Care.

Summer 2023 sales on handmade ties and accessories DM Ties

Those who are accustomed to the field of traditional tailoring are familiar with the invaluable value of a handmade garment or accessory.

seamstress dm ties while sewing a necktie

Having the chance to buy a handmade tie or any other accessory, on sale, is an opportunity not to be missed to discover the pleasure of wearing true Made in Italy Culture, especially for younger people.

italian neckties on sale

For handmade veterans, on the other hand, DM Ties sales are a new opportunity to continue adding to their treasured wardrobe of tailored garments.

Freedom, on

We are doing everything we can to make the browsing experience on our store pleasant and natural: an arduous, ambitious and constantly developing goal within the company’s trusted digital sector, which has been by your side for more than 15 years.

In the meantime, I would like to remind you that at, shipping to the Italy is free, because we want you to feel like you are in a traditional physical store, without the anxiety of additional costs at checkout.

In addition, you can also make your purchases in 3 installments, without interest, using Klarna as your payment method.

With us you will also find the NeckTie Regeneration Service: a highly skilled field, not easy to find around, to give new life to precious ties with sizes that are out of date or in need of maintenance, from the most complex to the simplest.

Can’t miss the customization of accessories, with the Embroidery Service of initials, short phrases, digits, symbols etc…applicable on many products: modular and can be purchased directly online.

You can also purchase gift wrapping, to have one of your gifts delivered to someone you love, chosen from the catalog, inside a sturdy and elegant gift case.

Go with your eyes closed to you will find genuineness at absolute premium prices, thanks to family management and zero-km production chain.

With us you can establish a relationship of friendship and technical support on pairings and choices in general, up to even collaboration, through the B2B portal set up to make our products available, for your business.

If something was missed or unsaid…let’s talk about it on WhatsApp 🙂

Italian sartorial traditions have ancient roots, recognized and appreciated globally. A rich cultural heritage, of inextinguishable value: let us pass it on to our children, our grandchildren

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