8 ways to make your wedding dress truly “YOURS”

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

When it comes to wedding dress, many men think there is little reasoning involved: everything is already prescribed anyway.

Instead, there are several ways to add personal touches to one of your most important days, whether it’s a tuxedo or a suit.

Before going into detail, there is one very important thing to keep in mind: the focus at a wedding should remain on the bride and groom, not on the details or the particular accessories they wear. When guests leave at the end of the day’s festivities they should talk about how nice the wedding was, not about the very original bow tie worn by the groom. So, mind you, the advice I’m about to give you…keep it discreet.

8 solutions to make your wedding suit unique

That said, here are the eight simple ways to add personality to your groom’s suit.

For some of the proposed solutions I will also guide you to the purchase, of course on the store, where you will find a special section dedicated to the groom, with creations handmade in our tailoring workshop in Pontecagnano.

1. The personalized tie: a private detail

The tie is a symbol of classic elegance, a must-have at weddings as well as other kinds of ceremonies.

wedding groom tie

Ties are not all the same, they differ in width, fabrics, colors, manufacture etc: opting for a sartorial ceremony tie will surely ensure that you will have an exclusive and personal accessory, essential for such an important day.

The next step to make the groom’s tie unique, and inject personality, could be to have the bride’s name embroidered, or the wedding date.

embroidery tie initials

With us at DM Ties you can do this conveniently online, from the choice of embroidery (letters, numbers, colors, positions etc) to the purchase. You can also contact us by WhatsApp.

The embroidery of the name or date is an amiable detail of style and sophistication that makes the groom tie truly unique.

Also perfect to give to groomsmen, a special friend, or the bride’s or groom’s dad.

2. The cufflinks: they distinguish, without distracting

A formal suit is never complete without cufflinks, which are the decorative pieces that fasten the two sides of the cuffs of a French shirt.

Cufflinks are one of the easiest ways to add personality and style to your formal outfit: they stand out…without being distracting.

There are all kinds of cufflinks available: in different materials, including stones, fabric, precious metals and glass. There are also different types of clasps to choose from.

groom cufflinks

The cufflinks, once used, you can easily keep them forever as a romantic keepsake to pull beautifully out of the drawer on another special occasion, such as your wedding anniversary dinner.

3. The romantic watch

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to pull a special accessory or garment out of your closet to add to your formal outfit.

It could be your grandfather’s watch, a tie clip from a loved one, or your dad’s wedding cufflinks.

grandfather's groom wedding watch

Whatever you choose, this detail adds deep meaning, which makes the whole experience even more meaningful.

4. Pocket handkerchiefs: the real ones

Another essential element of any formal attire is the pochette, or pocket squares.

crochet pocket squares handkerchiefs

It is easy to overlook pocket handkerchiefs, as they are a seemingly simple and impersonal detail. It is no coincidence that recently we even find them already in the pockets of jackets on sale, sometimes sewn on…included in the price! Too bad.

Actually, there are those who make these accessories with care, sewing the hemming by hand, also embellished in the crocheted version, called crochet, becoming perfect and auspicious for a wedding.

crochet pocket handkerchiefs dm ties

As with the tie, you could have your wedding pocket square embroidered with your wedding date, your and your bride’s names, a favorite quote or something else meaningful to you.

With us at DM Ties you can do this conveniently online, from the choice of embroidery (letters, numbers, colors, positions etc) to the purchase. You can also contact us by WhatsApp.

Personalizing a pocket square is not limited to the groom: groomsmen, guests, parents, and important friends in the wedding party can also have it. Depending on the dress code you choose, you could even have themed pocket squares for everyone involved in the big day.

DM Ties crochet handkerchiefs, embroidered with the bride and groom’s names, in their pure white linen whiteness, then can become a very fine idea for your wedding favors.

5. Papillon: the one to tie with your own hands, though

Another must-have for a ceremony, alternative to the tie, is the bow tie, or papillon.

For the occasion, such as a wedding, I strongly suggest opting for self bow ties, preferring them over pre-knotted ones.

bow tie

The reason is that the bow tie originated as a loose webbing of fabric, and history and culture so remembers it. Therefore…why betray traditions on just such an important occasion as a wedding?

A bow tie, at any rate, is something else, and a trained eye notices it…and how!

Only by purchasing one will you understand what I am talking about, and if you are new to this accessory, do not be afraid of the difficulties you may encounter in tying the knot: there has long been a simple tutorial on our YouTube channel, with Max explaining how to do it.

As with the tie and clutch, you could also have your wedding date, your and your bride’s names, a favorite quote or something else meaningful to you embroidered on a DM Ties bow tie.

dm ties bow tie with wedding date embroidery

With us at DM Ties you can do this conveniently online, from the choice of embroidery (letters, numbers, colors, positions etc) to the purchase. You can also contact us by WhatsApp.

6. The cummerbund: a touch of understated elegance

A little considered accessory, rarely offered to a groom in ateliers. Why?

In addition to adding a touch of understated elegance and order to your formal outfit, the cummerbund is also a trusted accomplice for looking slim and slender without excess, especially for those with just a few extra pounds.

tuxedo headband how to use

And that’s a lot!

Originating as a crumb collector at the 1850s Anglo-Indian Army luncheons, the cummerbund lends style and poise, covering the belt and the thickening of the shirt due to the creases that, at a long ceremony, are inevitable.

Prefer it in silk satin, made in a traditional Italian tailor shop. Take a look at those handmade in our workshop.

dm ties cummerbund

And, mind you, the folds of the sash…facing upward!

7. Perfume: fragrance of yourself

The fragrance you wear on the big day is important.

fragrance perfume groom

Scent is a powerful thing, and when it is your own, it can evoke something meaningful to you.

Choose one that reminds you of an important moment or place. Or, more simply, choose the fragrance you know your bride loves.

8. The suspenders: choose them of quality

Best when combined with a bow tie. Also nice with a tie.

Braces are a complement that lend a certain creative spirit to the groom, especially when paired with a bow tie.

elegant braces groom

They are a must-have item in a well-dressed groom’s sartorial arsenal and are just the right accessory to make a definitive personal style statement on the wedding day.

Suspenders are not all the same; they can be found in different materials, colors and patterns, so before you add them as a functional and stylish piece to your groom’s suit, there are a few things to know and consider, and then make the right choice for you.

There are suspenders that have eyelets at their end to be attached to the buttons of the groom’s pants, and others that have, instead, clips that are attached by stapling the waistband of the pants.

A groom, for his own wedding, will always wear suspenders on his wedding suit that can be fastened with buttons through special ties. Those with clips are an easier and more casual choice.

From us at DM Ties you will find suspenders with interchangeable clips and laces and replacement parts in alternative colors, which can be selected and purchased directly online. You can also contact us by WhatsApp.

Moreover, suspenders are available in different materials: from elastic fibers, grosgrain, silk and even leather. Definitely for a groom and ceremony look, the right choice is silk.

White satin silk groom suspenders with ties

If you want to leave an everlasting memory of your wedding…how about braces for the whole wedding team? You will create a nice criminal atmosphere, which will always be in fashion and no one will ever forget! You will only get one chance in life to do this: your wedding. An event that happens (almost) once in a lifetime!


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