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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

Wearing a bespoke italian tie is a unique emotion experience that must be tried.

But have you ever wondered how a bespoke italian tie is created (and how it is purchased)?

I’ll tell you all about it…or rather, Maurizio.

The luxury of a bespoke italian tie

AcqBuying a bespoke italian tie is a choice of pure elegance. A bespoke tie, in fact, is an expression of personal taste, style, quality, comfort, and shop-floor craftsmanship.

Wearing a tie that fits your body perfectly gives confidence and well-being in all circumstances, from the everyday to the more formal.

What does “bespoke tie” mean?

A custom-made tie is a choice of unquestionable quality and style, which can sometimes also become a passion, a collector’s item.

Buying a custom-made tie means being able to choose it not only according to personal tastes and quirks but, more importantly technically, in its structure, measurements (width, length etc.) so that it is perfect for our body size.

At DM Ties you can make up and purchase your bespoke tie directly online.

How do you make and purchase a bespoke tie at DM Ties?

Today I’m taking you with me to the DM Ties tailoring workshop in Pontecagnano (Salerno, Italy) and we’ll be with Maurizio, the company’s Trade Marketing Manager, who explains the steps that go into making a bespoke tie.

maurizio nardiello general marketing manager dm ties
Maurizio Nardiello, Trade Marketing Manager DM Ties

Maurizio explains that at DM Ties a bespoke tie can be made up and purchased conveniently online, thanks to the company’s ecommerce

Steps to compose and purchase a bespoke tie DM Ties

A digital platform seemingly like many, but with a state-of-the-art backoffice, taken care of by a trusted team that has been tailoring and sewing the entire Web&Social side of tailoring for almost fifteen years. In short, it can be said that the digital sector of DM Ties also works on a bespoke basis!

Going back to fabrics, of course at DM Ties the bespoke is always available through traditional channels as well. That is, you can build a bespoke tie by physically going to the tailor’s shop, Via Pompei, Pontecagnano, nestled in the countryside. Or through traditional contacts.

Back to us…Maurizio, tell us everything!


The first step in allowing us to make your bespoke tie is the choice of fabric. Directly from our ecommerce, under the BESPOKE TIES category, you can choose from dozens and dozens of fine silks. Solid colors, striped, with motifs etc. There are many variations available online.

custom silk tie fabric

Maurizio explains to me that the tie consists of three main pieces: the shovel, the neck, and the pigtail. To these components, you add the loop, which is used to hold the tail of the tie in place when you wear it.



Once you have selected the fabric, next you can select the lined or unlined version of the tie. (An unlined tie is a more valuable version as more labor and craftsmanship is required to make it.)
Then it’s time to select the tie’s measurements (width and length): if you don’t know your way around, online you’ll easily find a mirror that illustrates the standards with respect to your build.
If you do not know how to disentangle yourself, or if you want advice from us, you can use the means you prefer: WhatsApp, phone, email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Also online, you can ask to have your initials, or a date, or a short phrase embroidered, also defining the color of the embroidery, the position etc.
Finally, you can choose to have your tie shipped in precious and reassuring gift wrapping.

All very clear! What’s next?


When your order reaches us, the first step is to cut a square of your chosen fabric, where we then place the paper patterns across the weave of the fabric, as the ties must be cut on the bias at 45 degrees. At this point, the tailor with chalk outlines the edges of the paper pattern, then finishing with the cut.

Vito dm ties tailor

Maurizio continues the description of the steps to make your bespoke tie:


This is followed by the lining seams on the blade and tail. Once the pieces are sewn together, we move on to the stage of assembling the three pieces of the tie. Thanks to an initial ironing, we pull out the tip on the blade and tail, ironing out the seams.
We take a shaped inside and then baste the tie with pins, forming a fold along the length of your custom-made tie.
We finish the making of the tie with the re-stitching step: using a thread twice the length of the tie, we make the center seam, taking special care with the stitches and the amount of fabric, taking care to leave just the right amount of free (slip-stitch) thread leftover, which is necessary to ensure elasticity to the tie, to compensate for its settling over time, and to make sure that the continuous thread of the seam does not break.
The last touch is devoted to the sewing of the label and a final ironing.

Your bespoke italian tie from DM Ties tailoring is now ready to be worn and flaunted with pride.

online bespoke tie

We are waiting for you online to make unique, envy-inducing custom ties!

The goals of DM Ties

The goals of the Pontecagnano-based company, led by siblings Veronica and Domenico Malangone, the second generation to run the business, are to maintain tradition while making innovation with the development of ecommerce, with an eye always on the future, particularly in the immersive world of the Metaverse.

Veronica AND Domenico Malangone, DM Ties

A company-family business with nearly 30 years of experience in tailoring. A genuine, old-fashioned reality that nurtures the groove of Made in Italy traditions.

Just think that, for years already, there has been a Ospedale delle cravatte” in the company.

The DM Ties Hospital is unquestionably the epitome of the purest craftsmanship. Basically, it is a real department where the patients are your precious worn, battered, smelly, stained or obsolete size ties. Already, many of you have been asking DM Ties to give these ties a new chance. A service that often involves the total anatomical breakdown and reconstruction of a tie.

More artisans than that, you can die 🙂

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