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Fall is coming: here are some truly themed clothing accessories

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

Autumn, at least that of Italian latitudes, is a welcome season for many, if only because it comes after a long period of summer mugginess, which has now become oppressive. Autumn, then, is also welcome because it is not as cold as winter, forcing us to hood ourselves like Eskimos.

Autumn, with its still mild weather, presents itself to our eyes with enchanting, warm and relaxing earth colors.

To find even in the details of our outfits these hues is something wonderful and makes very chic. And this is what you will find in the new ties and pocket squares, fall/winter 2022/2023 edition, from the Campania sartorial maison.

Let’s find out!

Fall/winter 2022/2023 in the new DM Ties ties and pocket squares

DM Ties, a sartorial workshop from Campania with nearly 30 years of experience under its belt, recently posted on its powerful ecommerce the wonderful new collection of fall ties and pocket squares, all handmade.

new collection silk madder ties and pocket squares DM Ties fall winter 2022 2023

I am going to be repetitive, but it bears mentioning that handmade work, whatever it is, always brings with it added value. Handmade is not a manufacturing technique for its own sake: handmade means, in fact, transforming manual skills and passion into high-quality products of materials with specific requirements and special features.


The matte, dusty-toned look of the new silk madder DM Ties makes them beautiful and desirable, especially in the early cold and midwinter. And it’s not long before the days get cooler.

silk madder dm ties

Madder silk is a silk treated with an indigo-colored substance (alizarin) that has the effect of diluting tones, dulling them and making the fabric especially soft. These properties give this fabric extreme softness and a special feel to the touch, called in the jargon hand-peach (mano-pesca, in Italy).


This fabric seems to want to distort silk, as the typical luster of silk is missing. But the truth is that silk, now, simply looks different than usual. Now, rather, it feels like touching a cotton velvet.


winter silk madder DM Ties

Madder silk also has its own characteristic smell, wild, because the products used for finishing are precisely of animal origin. Which becomes desirable in an age of appearances and fakes, where synthetic in all its variations dominates.

You can find them all under the Don Mimì brand, the purely gentleman DM Ties line, at a decidedly competitive price thanks to the km 0 production chain.

madder silk ties on the online store


DM Ties has recently put a new collection of beautiful and elegant pure silk twill pocket squares on its online store. Also available in “XL” size.

new collection of pocket squares fall winter 2022 2023 DM Ties

The silk is a 14 momi twill, with a very good transition on the back of the print. The patterns are very colorful and eye-catching. They are so beautiful and rich in detail that they can also be used on their own, as a single accessory to flaunt proudly. The designs are a modern take on classic designs. They are soft to the touch and you can tell that the silk is of the best quality. The handkerchiefs in their “standard” size measure 31×31 cm.

new pocket squares dm ties fall winter 2022 2023

These lovely handkerchiefs are also available in XL size, 45×45 cm, to please those who want more stability of the handkerchief inside the jacket pocket, or to those who still want this accessory to take on more volume.

new pocket squares large size XL dm ties autumn winter 2022 2023

All accessories from the Pontecagnano tailor’s shop are guaranteed to excite the wearer, because each piece at DM Ties has its own story, its own soul.

See you on! 🙂

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