Shantung silk neckties DM Ties: perfect for summer

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Shantung silk tie: summer tie exists!

Silk shantung tie is suitable for the summer season because of its raw linen-effect fabric. The wrinkled, warm and rustic appearance at the same time makes garments in this fabric look magically perfect even in winter.

We discover the secrets of shantung silk and clothing accessories in this fine yarn.

If you are looking for a tie to wear in summer, the shantung silk tie is the preferred choice.

LSilk shantung is thicker and heavier than classic silk. It has a fuller three-dimensional structure and is less lustrous to the eye than traditional silks.

Thanks to its weave, which is wide and made of a natural fiber like linen, shantung silk is suitable for hot summer periods, for those who want to wear a cool tie without sacrificing style and flair.

UA shantung silk tie is made of a fabric that has no need to structure itself in elaborate workmanship, sartorial daring or overly fancy combinations. The ideal way to enhance its expressive power is to let it express itself in its absolute naturalness.

silk shantung tie

Shantung silk ties are characterized by a rough, very uneven, rough-looking surface; they go well with shirts in light, comfortable fabrics and with casual-cut jackets.

silk shantung brown tie DM Ties

Because of its strength and roughness, the silk shantung tie holds the knot very well, even after several hours and under extreme conditions of use.

Worn by models on the runways of Pitti Uomo 90 staged in the June 2016 edition in Florence, the shantung silk tie gives personality, communicates an aesthetic choice and a way of approaching life.

shantung silk tie

Silk shantung neckties DM Ties

The moment of creating a shantung tie at DM Ties is an intense moment. Passion and love here remain the indispensable ingredients for making important, quality products.

The excitement of creating a shantung silk tie by hand – DM Ties Pontecagnano, 1994
shantung silk neckties
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