DM Ties (precious) summer sales: they are here!

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

DM Ties summer sale starts today, July 3, 2022: everything* 25% off.

A true plunge into a refreshing sea of deliciously beautiful, wonderfully brilliant, strictly made-in-Italy accessories of true tailoring.

Let’s dive in!

* excluding New Collection and Outlet category.

DM Ties summer sales: everything -25%

italian handmade accessories sales summer 2022

Starting today, you can shop at for any handmade accessory at Pontecagnano-Salerno Tailoring, 25% off. Excluded from the sales are the New Collection (you will recognize products from the new collection by a green flag that says “New”) and Outlet categories. In the latter, on the other hand, you will already find everything discounted to over 50 percent.

More than yesterday, today, it is a privilege to own a truly handmade garment-a concept that a connoisseur knows very well.

Hemming stage of a DM Ties tie

At, shipping is convenient and there are no extra charges. Excellent packaging, including gift. Also, free gifts upon reaching 2 shopping thresholds:

free gifts dm ties

Don’t miss your chance to wear a stylish garment hand-sewn, one by one, by a tailor. On sale today.

Secure your favorite accessory now! DM Ties items are handmade, limited edition and may sell out quickly.

Valuable sales

Valuable sales, because it cannot be said otherwise when it comes to italian handmade artisanal products.

A handmade garment is always valuable because it is the result of the ingenuity of an expert, the tailor, who with his vast wealth of experience, passion, expertise and dedication of his time makes a finished product. A work not an end in itself, endlessly moldable around a need, a desire, a quirk.

Laura, DM Ties seamstress at work

All this you will find, always, at DM Ties: a 100%-Italian Pontecagnano company, in spite of what its name may make it sound, that for almost 30 years has been sewing accessories that complete and embellish the outfits of the most demanding gentlemen: ties, bow ties, ascots, pocket handkerchiefs, jacket pins, suspenders, scarves and many other adorable complements in fine fabrics, which in person really excite.

They excite, because from these accessories seeps the uniqueness and all the passion with which this tailoring company operates.

For nearly 15 years, DM Ties has had an ecommerce that allows people to purchase its artifacts online as well. An increasingly cutting-edge webstore, ever closer to its admirers.

He has also recently put a B2B Store online, intended for those who believe in Italian handmade made at DM Ties and want to make it their own business. The opportunity and conditions are really interesting and with a bit of ambition, success is just around the corner.

DM Ties is good taste, quality, technology, culture and traditions that are preserved and handed down.

dm ties is culture and traditions that are passed down
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