DM Ties support health: 9th National Congress of the G.C.ORL, Salerno Nov. 16-19 ’22

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

The 9th National Congress of Otorhinolaryngologists Campania Group (G.C.ORL), “The Secrets of the Good Otolaryngologist,” will be held in Salerno, Italy.

November 16-19, 2022, in the elegant halls of the Grand Hotel Salerno.

Leitmotif of the event:

A doctor never stops studying!

DM Ties will be present at the event with its own tribute, donated to the organization, to thank the participating speakers: a handcrafted gadget made in tailoring.

The Salerno event on Otolaryngology.

The National Congress will be held in Salerno, at the Grand Hotel Salerno, November 16-19, 2022. A facility that directly overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Salerno, enjoying the view of the two beautiful coastal strips: the Amalfi Coast to the east and the Cilento Coast to the west.

locandina Congresso Nazionale Otorinolaringoiatria G.C. ORL Salerno 2022

The format will address otolaryngology across the board, with comparisons with specialties such as neurology, neurosurgery, geriatrics, and maxillofacial surgery, with general practitioners and family pediatricians, professionals such as speech therapists, audiologists, and audiometrists.

There will be no shortage of topics related to social life, association, ethics and organizational aspects of this important subject.

To participate in the event, which is of course reserved primarily for insiders, you must register. On the official website you will find all the instructions.

The DM Ties tribute

Pontecagnano-based DM Ties, which has always been sensitive to Health*, is participating in the event by donating its tailor-made gadgets to the format.


Lovely handmade keyholders in the shape of small silk ties and precious hand-assembled natural gemstone bracelets will be donated for the occasion.

Gadgets will be given away by the organization to the speakers as a thank you for their participation.

DM Ties tie-shaped keyholders given away

Keyholders in the shape of a small tie (they measure about 4x9cm), hand-sewn in the DM Ties tailor shop in Pontecagnano, using pure Como silk scraps from the ties and other accessories made.

The keyholders…here they are ready for delivery! 🙂

For those who would like to purchase one, simply go to the tailor’s online store.

DM Ties stone bracelets given away

DM Ties hard stone bracelets are hand-mounted by an experienced technician. The stones used are naturally occurring lithoids, processed to give them their spherical appearance, then mounted on a comfortable, first-rate elastic band.

Again, for those who wish to buy one of these bracelets, you can find them online at the company’s ecommerce.

Both, keyholders and bracelets, are branded Zazà, one of the two DM Ties brands (the other is Don Mimì, ed.).

logo zazĂ  cravatte

DM Ties wishes the organization and the distinguished speakers a fruitful congress and a pleasant stay in the city of Salerno.

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