DM Ties Black Friday 2022: go!

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

Many of you are asking us for news about Black Friday 2022 at Pontecagnano Tailoring…we are almost there. Are you guys ready?

Get ready for this new adventure, which will be held starting tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 21 and ending Sunday, Nov. 27.

Here is all the info.

Black Friday 2022 DM Ties: how it works

black friday 2022 ties and clothing accessories dm ties

For this Black Friday 2022, DM Ties tailors have reserved an intriguing opportunity for their customers to save money and promote Made in Italy, popularize genuine tailoring, style and quality at discounted prices.

Black Friday DM Ties: November 21 to 27, 2022

The discount is incremental, meaning it increases as more products you put in your cart!

1 product: 10%OFF

2 products: 20%OFF

3 products: 30%OFF

from 4 products: 40%OFF

A wonderful escalation of savings!

With this Black Friday you can wear the beauty of authentic Made in Italy by treating yourself to one or more unique sartorial accessories, because they are all handmade.

black friday ties and fashion accessories

Only the number of products in the cart counts, not the type of products or the amount spent.

The 10>20>>30>>>40% promo is valid on the entire online catalog, regardless of product, product category and total expenditure incurred.

Black Friday doesn’t get any more Black Friday than this!

This means that the promo also applies to the Outlet! So you can also put one or more already discounted products you’ll find in the Outlet in your cart!

Other bargains you can find on

  • Free shipping: as has been the case for some time now, at, shipping within the country is free.
  • Payments in 3 installments without interest: you can buy by paying in 3 installments without interest, with Klarna.
  • Become a member: if you haven’t already done so, by signing up for the DM Ties Club you will immediately receive a 15% discount code (non-cumulative) that can be spent on whenever you want, as well as receive many other exclusive benefits that you will discover over time.

Get your BLACK-WISHLIST ready now!

What are you waiting for! Get your wishlist ready now for this Black Friday and from Monday, November 21, hurry up and make your purchases.

DM Ties products, being handmade by tailors, are limited edition…don’t let your favorite accessory blow out from under your nose!

handmade ties
Laura, DM Ties seamstress at work

How to recognize a “real Black Friday”?

These days we are all bombarded, by every means, with advertisements about Black Friday edition 2022. A highly anticipated promo, especially by the large online population, with the expectation of saving more than usual.

Black Friday in recent times, as is only to be expected, is becoming relatively distorted: started out to be a day of pure and unrepeatable super-savings, it has currently taken various forms, and the savings are not much different from any other period, for example, sales.

But this is not the case everywhere. Keeping our eyes wide open, poking around online, or going back to our trusted vendors, one can find those who, even today, choose to conceive of Black Friday as the same as when it was born.

To avoid running into Black Friday fakes, the easiest and most obvious way is to follow, just a few weeks before, the prices of the products you are interested in. By the time there is a Black Friday going on, the discounted price should simply be applied to the initial price.

Another, less simple, but foolproof way is to study the seller and his ecommerce well, selected by carefully reading his history, how he works, maybe he also has a Blog where you can read a lot of other news about the business…and finally rely on intuition!

Have a happy Black Friday!

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