Father’s Day 2023: celebrate it with us

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Cravatte sartoriali e accessori abbigliamento scontati

This Father’s Day 2023 at DM Ties there is a brand new addition: it is the brand new Dad-Edition Tie.

A tie built especially for a special dad, to surprise him, to make him happy. And what better gift than one made to bring a smile to our hero’s face?

Speaking of heroes…actually, superheroes. I don’t know what effect it has on you, but to me this new tie reminded me of the king of superheroes: Superman!

Why? Because the Dad-Edition tie sports a beautiful initials on its front, somewhat like Superman sported the big “S” on his unforgettable red and blue costume!

father's day gift

No? 😛

Superheroes & Comics aside, this tie in person is devastatingly beautiful! I don’t know how to bring to a web page the beauty my eyes see, in this tie of ours and indeed in every product we have been making by hand for almost 30 years.

I have decided, you must trust me! 😀

The Dad-Edition tie: let’s find out.

The new Dad-Edition tie was created to give something different on Father’s Day. But this tie, for those who like the genre, does not disdain use outside of this celebration as well.

The reason is that we sometimes seek out “loud and clear symbols,” which are good for our mood, by exhibiting them, by sporting a sign that sets us apart, an effigy that makes us proud, a symbol that we want anything but to hide: whether it is an acronym, or a cipher.

Who among us does not have a letter, or letters, that represents us? Whether it’s the initial of our name, dad’s name, girlfriend’s name, etc. Or a numeral, such as our lucky number. In short, an important initials that we really want to show, embroidered on the front of a tie, the quintessential symbol of dad.

In short, with this spirit of soaring passion, the Dad-Edition DM Ties was born.

And here is how it is accomplished, in this video we recently put up on our TikTok channel.


Fai felice il tuo papà: regalagli la nostra cravatta fatta a mano, con il ricamo speciale fatto apposta per lui. Ecco come puoi personalizzare una cravatta Dad-Edition: Puoi sceglierla fra i due colori , blu e blu elettrico: – Con struttura a 3, o 7 pieghe; – Nella versione standard, o in prestigiosa sfoderata con orlo fatto a mano; – Poi puoi scegliere il ricamo di: lettere, cifre, loghi; – Il ricamo di lettere e cifre puoi selezionarlo fra 3 taglie: L/M/S (per i loghi la taglia è unica). – Puoi indicarci le lettere e le cifre che vuoi, così come il colore, scegliendo da un’ampia palette; – Puoi richiedere, inoltre, la confezione regalo: un prestigioso astuccio impreziosito da un elegante nastro di raso; – Anche la cravatta personalizzata puoi acquistarla in 3 rate senza interessi, con Klarna; – Se la spedizione è in Italia, ci facciamo carico noi dei costi per consegnarla a babbo (ma questo vale sempre, per qualsiasi prodotto); #cravatta #sartoriale #madeinitaly #cravattasartoriale #festadelpapà #italianstyle

♬ suono originale – Dm Ties

These Dad-Edition ties also enjoy the prestige of being handmade, using traditional tailoring techniques. As is the case with everything in our Pontecagnano stable.

Here’s how you can customize, with one click online, a Dad-Edition DM Ties

  1. The tie, first of all you have to choose it from the two colors below, namely Dark Blue or Bluette.
  2. Then you have to choose the structure: 3-fold, or in the more prestigious 7-fold.
  3. In standard version, or in unlined aristocratic with handmade hem.
  4. Then you need to choose the embroidery: letter(s), digit(s), logo. Follow the illustrative mirror below to choose your embroidery design:
    specchietto ricamo iniziali dm ties
  5. You can indicate the letters and figures you want, as well as the color, choosing from a wide palette.

You will see, online you will find it easier!

Buy a Dad-Edition Tie

Okay, now choose your Dad-Edition tie and then proceed with the special customizations!

From us at DM Ties you can request that the tie for Babbo be put in “gift” packaging: a prestigious case embellished with an elegant satin ribbon, so you can send your gift directly to him, wherever he is in the world, very quickly.

Ah, at, you can also buy the personalized tie in 3 installments without interest by choosing Klarna as the payment method, and if you have coupon codes* you can also buy it with advantageous discounts.

By joining the DM Ties Club you get an instant -15% discount, on any online purchase at You can also get a coupon-code worth -15% by posting a comment on this article, or any other on this Blog. Did you know? 😉 More coupon-codes…if you sign up for the Club then you will get them in advance, just you, every time we launch a promo!

Best wishes, Pa ❤️‍🔥

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